Hurry Me Up

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For professional use.

Our brand new easy fan liquid is here to make your life easier and provide your clients with better lash extension treatments than ever!

- Easy fan liquid

- Perfect fans every time

- Enhances lash bond

- Speeds up glue drying time

Applied to the base of the lash strip, this formula will accelerate adhesive bonds whilst preventing any static from volume lashes, making them easier to fan.

This innovative pre-application product enhances the performance of adhesive for longer-lasting results, improves the application of Russian and individual lashes and prevents lash fans from closing.

Can be applied to any tray lashes.

6.5ml bottle.

  • V Vegan
  • Accelerate adhesive bonds
  • Enables the easy application of lashes
  • Special formula prevents fans from closing
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Directions of use

  • Remove a strip of lashes of your choice from the tray.
  • Apply the product to the base of the lashes you will be using, allow the solution to dry.
  • Apply lashes as required.
  • Reapply every 30-40 minutes.
  • Can be used for the application of any lashes supplied in trays, including Russian, Mink and Silk.
  • Compatible with all adhesives.

Additional Information

PAO: 12 months

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