Shake Me Up – Lash Glue and Pro Solution Shaker

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Easy to use, battery powered handheld device to mix professional eyelash extension glue and other solutions including microblading pigments and nail polishes in seconds. Please note, Shake Me Up requires 2x AAA batteries. Not included.

Shake Me Up is the ultimate lash tech best friend. Say goodbye to manually shaking your adhesive (your arms will thank you!) and hello to perfectly mixed lash glue.

This easy to assemble and use, battery powered handheld device mixes professional eyelash glue in seconds and helps techs to provide the best lash extension treatments possible.

But why is shaking your lash glue so important? It ensures all of the glue ingredients are combined together which provides optimum treatment results, including longer eyelash extension retention.

The key ingredients in all lash glues should be thoroughly mixed – by hand, we recommend shaking for 1 – 2 minutes, however with Shake Me Up’s use of centrifugal force, glue needs just 10 – 20 seconds in the shaker. This will save you time during your treatments, giving you more time for lashing!

BONUS: Shake Me Up can be used for other solutions including Brow Perfect Microblading Pigments, nail polishes, nail varnishes and more.

In the box: shaker, connecting shafts and a variety of different sized silicone sleeves. Please note, Shake Me Up requires 2x AAA batteries. Not included.

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How to Use

Unpackage the shaker and accessories from the cardboard box.

Remove the battery tray covering and insert 2x AAA batteries. Re-place the cover.

Insert the small connecting shaft into the top of the shaker until it clicks into place. You can leave this in place after it is first inserted for ease.

Choose the size silicone sleeve that suits the solution bottle you wish to mix. Place on top of the small shaft.

Insert your chosen solution bottle into the sleeve with the lid pointing upwards.

Press the ‘on’ button to begin mixing – the device will vibrate. Ensure to hold the shaker upright so the solution does not travel to the nib and lid of your bottle.

After 10 – 20 seconds, switch the device off, remove your bottle and use as normal.


Q: Does this device come with batteries?

A: No, the device requires 2x AAA batteries which are not included.


Q: How long do you need to shake lash extension glue for in this shaker?

A: It is recommended to use the shaker for 10 – 20 seconds on all solutions to ensure thorough mixing of the contents.


Q: Can I use Shake Me Up for other solutions?

A: Yes, this is a versatile device with lots of silicone sleeve sizes to suit a variety of different bottles and can be used for various solutions.


Q: Will using a glue shaker help improve lash extension retention?

A: Yes! Thoroughly mixed glue is key to providing ultra-long lasting lash extensions for your clients.


Q: Does the shaker make a noise?

A: You will hear a buzzing noise as the shaker works to mix your chosen solution.


Please note, Shake Me Up requires 2x AAA batteries. Not included.

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