Brow Waxing Strips (pack of 100)

Our Brow Waxing Strips are made of a soft material cut to a convenient size for use with all facial waxing. Brow Wax Strips are gentle to the touch and will minimise redness of the skin by removing all traces of wax efficiently.
  • Soft quality for ultimate client comfort.
  • Supplied in small strips.
  • Perfect for use with Soft Facial Wax.
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Directions of use

Heat the wax using the Professional Wax Heater. Apply to the area to be waxed, then place your Brow Waxing Strip over this, gently rubbing in the same direction as the growth of hair. Support the skin and brow by stretching using your thumb and index finger. Then, in a quick and firm movement, remove the brow strip against the direction of hair growth. If you would like to train in brow shaping, please visit our training pages.

Additional Information

Barcode: 5060144872012
Weight: 0.02kgs
Dimensions: L: 0.00cm, W: 0.00cm, H: 0.00cm

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