Dual Ended Brow Brush (pack of 5)

The Dual Ended Brow Brush has a soft brush at one end and a harder, angled brush at the other to achieve a variety of different brow looks. This product is specially designed for the application of brow makeup.
  • Two sided brow brush perfect to create different brow strokes and effects.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Available in a pack of 5.
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Directions of use

Use the soft end of the brush to add overall colour to the brow, then follow with the harder, angled side to create individual brow strokes and define the brow.

Additional Information

Barcode: 5060144874924
Weight: 0.01kgs
Dimensions: L: 0.00cm, W: 0.00cm, H: 0.00cm

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