Lash FX Straight Tweezers

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For professional use.

Elevate your lash extension application and natural lash isolation with the perfect pair of straight tweezers. This essential tool gives you control and pinpoint accuracy for every lash appointment.

The Lash FX Straight Tweezers give you superior isolation power, with laser-sharp, perfectly aligned tips that glide effortlessly between natural lashes, separating even the finest baby hairs with ease. The tweezer design provides optimal grip and maneuverability, letting you isolate lashes at any angle without pinching or discomfort.

Straight tweezers can also be used for the pick-up of individual lashes. The ultra-fine, calibrated tips gently grasp extensions without crushing or damaging them. The lightweight design of the tweezers minimises hand fatigue, allowing you to work consistently throughout the entire lash application process.

The durable stainless steel material ensures lasting performance and easy sterilisation. The tweezers a rust-proof and corrosion-resistant so you can maintains hygiene and prevent contamination.

Investing in quality straight tweezers is an investment in your lash game. Lash with only the best!

  • Specially designed with a fine tip to isolate individual lashes.
  • Easy to clean and sterilise in between clients.
  • Perfect to use with another pair of Straight Tweezers or X Tweezers.
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Directions of use

Straight Tweezers are used to isolate individual natural eyelashes, and for the placement of lash extensions. To find out how to train in lash extensions, please visit our training page.

Additional Information

Barcode: 5060144870766
Weight: 0.02kgs
Dimensions: L: 2.50cm, W: 4.00cm, H: 11.50cm

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