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Hybrid Brow Stain Dye is an eyebrow treatment that smoothly stains the skin and hair. Apply like tint, with results like Henna. Medium Brown kit including developer and application tools. Includes 1x Stain, 1x Developer, 1x Brush, 1x Mixing Dish.

An all in one kit for tinting with Medium Brown Stain. Includes 1 x Medium Brown Brow Stain, 1 x Developer, 1 x Tinting Brush and 1x Glass Mixing Dish.

Apply like a brow tint, with results like henna!

Hi Brow Hybrid Brow Stain is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that smoothly stains the skin and hair, giving the appearance of fuller, more defined brows. It is a popular alternative to traditional brow tinting or henna, as it provides a beautifully bold brow look with lasting results.

The industry has been asking for a hybrid brow tint for a long time, and now professional brow techs have the product to produce perfect brows for their clients.

Brow stain typically lasts for up to 6 weeks on the hair and up to 10 days on the skin. This makes it a good option for clients who want to avoid having to apply brow makeup every day.

The Brow Stain is activated with the tint developer (in a 2:1 ratio) to create stunning results in 2 – 10 minutes, depending on the desired intensity of the colour.

Upgrade your regular brow treatments and earn more! For techs looking for a speedy but lucrative professional brow treatment, Brow Stain makes perfect sense. It is recommend to charge more for the brow stain dye service than regular brow treatments due to its longevity.

A plus for brow lamination techs is that this product, unlike henna, can be used straight after brow laminating treatments.

Each 15ml bottle provides up to 60-80 treatments.

Available in 4 colour sets, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Brown Black.

For subtle brow looks, it is recommended to leave the brow stain to develop for less time.

More Information
Brand Hi Brow
How to Use
  • Shake the brow stain and brow developer bottles well before EVERY use. Mix the chosen stain with the developer using a ratio of 2:1 (see below). Mix well until thoroughly combine.
    • Brow Stain 2 Drops – Developer 1 Drop
    • Brow Stain 4 Drops – Developer 2 Drops
    • Brow Stain 6 Drops – Developer 3 Drops
    • Brow Stain 8 Drops – Developer 4 Drops
    • IMPORTANT: The mixture may appear a different colour initially, but will develop when mixed and applied.
  • Cleanse the brow area with an oil-free makeup remover. Use a damp cotton pad to remove all traces of makeup remover.
  • Once the area is dry, stir the stain mixture and carefully apply it to the intended areas, creating your desired shape. For a deeper effect, you can apply a thin second layer. Allow the stain to develop. See below for timing recommendations:
    • Brow Texture Fine – Medium: For SOFT colour stain: 2 – 5 minutes
    • Brow Texture Fine – Medium: For STRONG colour stain: 6 – 10 minutes
    • Brow Texture Medium - Thick: For SOFT colour stain: 3 – 6 minutes
    • Brow Texture Medium - Thick: For STRONG colour stain: 8 – 10 minutes
  • After the chosen time has passed, remove the stain with a damp cotton pad. Gently wipe the stain in a single direction from the head of the brow to the tail of the area. Advise the client not to get their brows wet for 24 hours after the treatment to enable maximum longevity of the results.
  • TOP TIP: For super subtle results, you can wipe the product from the brow with a damp cotton pad.

Q: How long does brow stain tint last on the skin?
A: It lasts up to 10 days on the skin, however this will vary slightly depending on skin type.

Q: Do I need to patch test my clients if they have had tint before?
A: Yes, it is important to patch test before every treatment, even with clients you have tinted before.

Q: How do I perform a patch test/allergy alert test for brow stain tint?
A: To perform the test, mix a pea sized quantity of stain (typically the main colour to be used during the treatment) with the developer. Carefully apply a small dot of mixed tint to the back of the ear or crease of the elbow using a cotton bud. Gently cover and leave on the skin for 24 hours then wipe clean. If no rash or irritation occurs, continue with treatment.

Q: What’s the difference between this and Henna?
A: Brow Stain has smoother results and is less messy than Henna. Brow Stain, unlike henna, can also be used straight after brow laminating treatments.

Q: What is included in this kit?
A: 1x Brow Stain, 1x Developer, 1x Tinting Brush and 1x Glass Mixing Dish

Q: Can I create a ombre brows with Brow Stain?
A: Yes, you can do this by applying tint to the whole brow, then remove the front of the brow first - adapt the timings depending on the results desired.

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