Lash FX Glue Nozzle Wipes - Pink

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Keep your pro lash glue nozzle free from adhesive build-up with our FX heart shaped nozzle wipes. Our nozzle wipes are cotton and lint-free – which means they won’t cause a reaction with your adhesive. 200 nozzle wipes per pot. Pink style.

It is important to keep your pro lash adhesive nozzle free from build-up of glue so these nozzle wipes are a must-have lashing accessory.

The heart-shaped nozzle wipes are perfect to wipe your glue clean. They are cotton and lint-free which means they won't cause a reaction with your adhesive.

Each pot contains 200 nozzle wipes.

Available in pink or white.

More Information
Brand Lash FX
How to Use
  • After using your adhesive, use a nozzle wipe to wipe around the adhesive nozzle.
  • Make sure you keep the cloth moving over the nozzle, so it doesn‚Äôt get stuck on any wet adhesive.
  • It is best to do this every time you decant your lash glue to avoid build-up that could block your bottle!

Q: How many glue nozzle wipes do you need per treatment?
A: This can vary treatment to treatment, but most techs only use 1-2 per session.

Q: Is there a difference between the white and pink styles?
A: Nope, this is just a colour difference - some techs prefer pink for their salon or treatment space while others prefer a more neutral colour to fit in with their colour scheme/branding.

Q: Why do you have to be quick when wiping glue off the nozzle?
A: Glue's main purpose is to stick, so it's important to use a swift twisting motion when removing excess glue from the nozzle so the glue doesn't have a chance to do its job and stick the wipe to it!

Q: How many wipes do you get per pot?
A: 200 wipes per pot.

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