Lash FX Bold & Beautiful Strip Lash Collection 5 Pairs

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Elevate your everyday look with the Bold and Beautiful Collection, a curated assortment of high-quality dramatic strip lashes designed to enhance your eyes. This versatile collection features five distinct styles, each carefully crafted to complement your unique eye shape.

Much-loved by professionals and makeup artists.

• Crafted with exceptional quality and durability, the strip lashes can be reused up to 10 times with proper care.
• Quick to apply and easy to wear, the soft lightweight cotton band sits comfortably on the lash line, blending flawlessly with the shape of your eye.
• The Bold and Beautiful Collection lashes are designed for quick and easy application, even for beginners.
• Once the day is finished, the lashes are super easy to remove.

Strip lash glue not included.

  • V Vegan
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Directions of use

• Clean the eyes thoroughly.
• Carefully remove the lashes from the tray.
• Measure lashes along the lash line to check size and carefully trim if needed.
• Apply a thin line of lash glue along the lash band.
• Wait for it to become slightly tacky – this usually takes around 30 seconds.
• Gently press the lashes onto your lash line, starting from the inner corner.
• Allow glue to dry before application of any makeup.
• For a seamless blend, curl your natural lashes before applying the strip lashes.
• To remove, peel lashes gently from the outer corner.
• Remove all trace of glue from the lash band before reusing the lashes.
• With care, lashes can be gently washed and reused many times.

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