Lash FX Premium Cluster Lash Kit

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Individual wispy cluster lashes are luxury pre-made fans which give instant glamour. Kit includes lashes, application tweezers and glue. Lash lengths are short, medium and long to create a beautiful, graduated lash style.

Achieve a customised cluster lash look in no time at all!

Small clusters of luxury pre-made fans are supplied in a tray ready to apply. The lashes gently graduate in short, medium and long lengths ready to create the lash look you want. Each cluster is applied to the base of the natural lash with glue and application tweezers.

You can apply these across the whole lash line for a full lash style, or to the outer corners for a cat eye effect!

This set comes with application tweezers, cluster lash glue and lashes.

More Information
Brand Lash FX
How to Use
  • Select the lengths of lashes you wish to apply.
  • Squeeze a small bead of glue into one of the glue reservoirs located in the packaging tray.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the natural lashes.
  • Grip one lash cluster firmly at the base using the application tweezers, and gently lift from the tray.
  • Dip the base of the cluster into the glue and position on top of your natural lashes at the very base, holding it in place for a few seconds to allow for the glue to set. This will secure the lashes into place.
  • Work with the different lengths in your kit to achieve the look you would like.
  • For best results, apply shorter clusters to the inner corners of the eye and longer length clusters at the outer corners.
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